We often hear from employers that when they look to hire a young person they don’t have the foundation skills or attitude needed to hit the ground running. This is where Youth Jobs PaTH can help.

Youth Jobs PaTH is a program that helps young people develop the employability skills employers need. It supports employers to trial a young person for 4 to 12 weeks in an internship and provides them with incentives when they take on a young person.

1. Find candidates who are interested in working in your industry

Rather than spend hours sifting through CVs and conducting interviews with candidates who aren’t interested in staying with your business long term, speak to a jobactive provider to find, screen and shortlist candidates who are interested in working in your industry.

For Carri, co-owner of Inside Out Health Club, working with a jobactive provider saved her time and connected her to a young person who wanted to build a career in the Sport and Recreation industry.

“It can be really difficult to find the right staff member. Every time we put out job advertisements we're inundated with applications,” said Carri. 

“So when the local jobs provider contacted us and told us they had a young person who wanted to work here we were excited to give them a go. The other appeal was the ability to trial them through an internship before offering them employment.”

2. Deliver tailored skills training to young people before they intern at your workplace

Speak to your jobactive provider about partnering with an Employability Skills Training (EST) provider to develop a tailored training course for your industry. One of the great things that sets Youth Jobs PaTH apart from other recruitment programs is the ability for you to sit down with an EST provider and let them know the skills and training you need your staff to have. 

After meeting with you, your EST provider will tailor a training program to fit your business’s needs. During the training, you will be able to meet the young people participating in the training and get a feel for who would be a good fit for your business before offering them an internship or employment.  

You can also come along to EST training sessions and share with young people your knowledge about what jobs and careers are offered in your industry and the type of skills, knowledge, and abilities your business needs its staff to have.

Inside Out Gym

3. Host an internship at your business

Hosting an intern can give you the opportunity to see how the young person fits into your team and if they are suitable for ongoing employment. The jobactive provider sets up the internship and provides ongoing support. Your business will receive an upfront payment of $1000 to help with the costs of hosting the internship.

Carri said the ability to trial Jesse at Inside Out before hiring him gave her the confidence to know that he was able to take direction, perform daily tasks and fit into the team.

“During Jesse's four week internship we provided him with a set of tasks such as processing paperwork, answering the telephone, giving tours of the facilities, all of which need to be undertaken daily to run our business. By the end of the four weeks he was able to complete them all.”

4. Assist you to access financial incentives

When you hire a young person through the Youth Jobs PaTH program, your business may be eligible to receive a financial incentive of up to $10,000 (GST inclusive). This financial incentive can help your business cover costs of recruitment and further training. More information is available on the jobactive website.

If your business already offers apprenticeships or traineeship opportunities, if you hire a young person through the Youth Jobs PaTH program you may be able to package the Youth Jobs PaTH financial incentive with Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Programme payments. Your local jobs provider can advise you on what financial incentives your business will be eligible to receive.

Youth Jobs PaTH – Prepare, Trial, Hire

Youth Jobs PaTH is a flexible approach to youth employment. There are three elements, Prepare, Trial, and Hire:

Prepare - Employability Skills Training helps young people develop the skills that employers need in the workplace. Training ranges from preparing for job interviews to learning workplace skills such as teamwork and computer skills. If you are interested in working with an EST provider to tailor a skills training course to fit your business’s needs, contact an EST Registered Training Organisation near you.

Trial - PaTH Internships provide young people with voluntary opportunities to help them gain real work experience in Australian businesses. Employers can trial a young person in a 4 to 12 week internship to see how they fit into the team and if they are suitable for ongoing employment. Interns are unpaid by the business and receive a fortnightly incentive paid by the government. During the internship, employers are eligible to receive $1,000 (GST inclusive) to contribute to the costs of hosting an intern.

Hire - If an employer finds a job seeker they want to ‘hire’ through the Youth Jobs PaTH internship, they may be eligible to receive a financial incentive of up to $10,000. 

Get in touch with your local jobactive provider to find out more about Youth Jobs PaTH.