There's a lot of chatter about what you should do when you're applying for a job. I'm here to tell you what not to do.

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1. Don't use the same resume for every job

It's easy to attach the same resume to every job you apply for. This also makes it easy for a business to drop your resume in the bin. If you don't tailor your resume to the job you're applying for you won't get an interview. 

2. Don't ignore the job ad

Use the same words in your resume that are in the job ad. This makes it easy for the business to match your resume to what they're looking for.


3. Don't use 'To Whom It May Concern'

Everyone loves the sound of their own name. If you address your cover letter To Whom It May Concern, you will unlikely get an interview. When you're applying for a job, call up the business and find out the name of the person looking to hire. Put their name on your cover letter. It shows initiative and you'll make an impression by getting in touch.

4. Don't forget to do your research

When applying for a job, research the organisation. Go online, call them or walk past their business. Find out what they do. See how you can match your skills to what they do. Then write about it in your cover letter and resume.

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5. Don't despair

It's really hard to stay upbeat when you don't have a job. When you are applying for a job, think about how great it would be to work there. Think about the way a job could change your life. It can help you stay in a good headspace when you're looking for work.

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Author: Ray @ jobactive