Congratulations! You have an interview. That's a fantastic achievement, especially when you find out that on average 15 people apply for a job when it's advertised but only three get an interview. So you should feel pretty special if you're one of them! 

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But wait. The employer tells you they want to interview you over the phone and you've never done a phone interview before. Now what?

Tips to prepare for the most common job interview types

One on one

You will usually meet with one person – often the manager the person who gets the job will be reporting to. They will want to know more about what skills you have and your personality.


You might be asked to do a phone interview if the job is in a location far away, such as another state or country. You might also be asked so the employer can decide if they want to meet you face to face.

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Make sure you’re in a quiet place, not eating or drinking, and that you have any important documents with you.


In a panel interview you will be interviewed by several people from the organisation at the same time. Each person will ask you questions, so make sure you speak to each person individually when you give your answers.


For these types of interviews, you will be interviewed in a group with other people applying for the job. It will help if you can stand out, so don't be afraid to speak up. Watch this video to check out how to communicate better.


You might be asked to do this type of interview if it’s hard to meet in person, if the job is far away. Make sure your computer or any technology is working beforehand, and dress well.

In a cafe or restaurant

Sometimes employers want to know how you act in more relaxed settings, so they will ask to meet you over a coffee or meal.

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But it’s important to treat these interviews seriously too.

Do you have tips for how to ace one of these common job interview types? Share them in the comments.

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