Remember that embarrassing photo you posted on social media in 2013? If you're job hunting, chances are your prospective employer has seen it. 70% of employers check social media before hiring an employee. The top 3 reasons employers said they did not hire a person based on their social media were:

  • provocative or inappropriate photographs, videos or information
  • candidate posted information about them drinking or using drugs
  • discriminatory comments related to race, gender or religion

But don't delete your accounts just yet. More and more companies are using social media for recruitment. Businesses post job opportunities on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. If you're not online you could miss out.

So what should your social media look like while you're job hunting?

Quick post it on insta

Social media dos and don'ts

First up - remember the internet is forever. If your social profiles use your actual name or email address you use when applying for jobs, an employer can find them. Even if you delete that ill-advised Twitter rant you went on, it could still be cached somewhere like the Wayback Machine. When posting to social media, consider using the nana rule. If you wouldn’t want your nana to see it or read it, you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see it and you probably shouldn’t post it. Avoid offensive language and anything that indicates illegal activities. Think beyond the pictures you post to the comments you make. Nobody wants to hire a troll, so avoid being inflammatory or just plain mean on the internet. You might feel passionately enough about certain topics, but not everyone will agree with you. While ranting is fun and you are entitled to your opinion, extreme or controversial views make potential employers question how you would fit in their organisation.


  • Post pictures of yourself doing illegal or naked things.
  • Be a troll.
  • Be hateful or discriminatory.
  • Say anything on social media that you wouldn't say directly to a person.

Do think about making your accounts private while job hunting. Just remember to always double check your settings!

I thought my profile was private

Images: Wikimedia Commons