Small business owner Joanne Gates was struggling to find the right staff for her popular restaurant Café 89. Facing a different challenge, Rebecca Oldfield had been applying for jobs for eight months with no success.

Youth Jobs PaTH was the solution they were both looking for.


As a small business owner, recruitment and staff retention was one of Joanne’s greatest challenges, so when a local jobactive provider, Verto, contacted her to tell her about the program, she was open to trying Youth Jobs PaTH.

“PaTH is a fantastic way to be introduced to candidates for a position,” Joanne said. “The Employability Skills Training that Rebecca did before she started here gave her an edge over the other candidates. She'd obviously had some training in how to greet people and how to have positive interactions in the workplace.”

“During her internship I was able to see if she was going to be the right fit. It reassured me that, yes, I’ve employed the right person and she’ll stay for a long time!” Joanne said.

Joanne was so confident in Rebecca’s potential, that after just three and a half weeks, she offered Rebecca a permanent part time position.

“Rebecca was definitely the right candidate, so we offered her the position, and she accepted.”

Rebecca has now been at Café 89 for over six months and is a valued member of the team.


After applying for jobs for eight months Rebecca was beginning to feel disheartened by her lack of success in landing a job.

“No one was really interested, I wasn't young enough to be a junior but I wasn't old enough to be taken seriously,” said Rebecca.

Remaining determined to find work, Rebecca met with her jobactive provider Verto, who suggested that she enrol in Youth Jobs PaTH Employability Skills Training (EST).

“When my jobactive provider mentioned that EST could improve my chances of getting a job I knew I had to enrol,” Rebecca said.

“At EST we learnt how to write a resume, how to dress suitably, what to expect at interviews, how to search for jobs and what questions to ask employers. It really helped me to prepare for a job.”

When Rebecca was nearing the end of the EST, her jobactive provider found her an internship at a local café in Mudgee, Café 89. Rebecca jumped at the chance to use the skills she had learnt throughout her Employability Skills Training.

Rebecca’s enthusiasm and dedication paid off – after a few weeks Joanne offered her a permanent part time position.

“When I found out that I was getting a job at Café 89, I was overwhelmed. I just knew that things

were going to go up from here. I was going places and this was just the start of everything,” Rebecca told us. 

Youth Jobs PaTH – Prepare, Trial, Hire

Youth Jobs PaTH is a flexible new approach to youth employment and has three elements, Prepare, Trial, Hire.

Prepare – As part of the prepare element young people, aged 15 to 24 years, undertake Employability Skills Training to prepare them for the workplace. The training covers resume development, improving communication skills, preparing for interviews and learning new computer skills.

Trial – As part of the Trial element employers are given the opportunity to trial a young person for 4 to 12 weeks to see how they fit into the team and if they are suitable for ongoing employment. During the internship, employers are eligible to receive $1,000 (GST inclusive) to contribute to the costs of hosting.

Hire – As part of the Hire element if an employer finds a job seeker suitable for their business through the Youth Jobs PaTH internship, they may be eligible to receive a financial incentive of up to $10,000.  

Get in touch with your local jobactive provider to find out more about Youth Jobs PaTH.