With over 10 years of experience in the HR industry Simonne Poole had all the skills, experience and qualifications needed to successfully secure work. Yet in a tough labour market, she had been on a permanent job hunt for almost 12 months.

Facing a different challenge, Suzanne Blythin, Children's Services Director at Primary OSHCare was looking for an HR Manager who was experienced, based locally and understood the ins and outs of HR.

With the help of jobactive provider MAX Employment Simonne and Suzanne were both able to find the right fit, and in a twist of fate Simonne now uses jobactive to successfully hire staff. Here is their story.


Simonne had previously been in a permanent HR position before deciding that she would move into contracting roles to diversify her experience in the HR industry.

After three years of contracting, Simonne had gained the skills and commercial exposure she had set out to attain. At this point she was ready to settle back into a permanent HR role.

“I didn’t want to do contracting anymore, I only started doing it to diversify my experience and to gain more commercial exposure as I had been working in the trade union and state government sectors,” Simonne says. “I really wanted to stay in a role and make it my own.”

Working in HR Simonne understood all aspects of the hiring process. Ironically, her road block was being highly skilled and qualified.

“It’s difficult even being highly skilled, and there aren’t many jobs at my level. I couldn’t even get a job as an admin person. As I was too qualified, I couldn’t just pick anything that came along, I wouldn’t have been considered.”

Simone began to feel disheartened, “…to be pinned at the post after multiple interviews, or to apply and not even be told you’re unsuccessful. Almost 12 months of that can completely destroy your self-worth and confidence.”

“There’s only so many times I could refresh the seek app and look at LinkedIn in a day! You’re looking at the same jobs all the time. I’m not above anything, I would have taken anything.”

In July 2015 Simonne met with a local jobactive provider at Max Employment and immediately felt they wanted her to find a job which would challenge her professionally and complement her already-established qualifications.

“They were genuinely vested in me and my qualifications and wanted to align me to the right role. I didn’t need help with my CV or interview skills, but they helped me tap into the network of employers they had access to. That was invaluable.”

Within one month Simonne’s jobactive provider had found her the perfect role working as the HR manager at Primary OSHCare. In this role Simonne felt immediately at home both professionally and personally.

“I love HR, and at Primary OSHCare I am home. I am professionally and personally in my nirvana. I love to work, and I’m in a company where everyone around me shares the same sentiment.”

Simonne is now also applying her own experience of unemployment to her work, and has used jobactive to keep up with the demanding recruitment needs of the business, filling approximately 20 positions across Primary OSHCare’s 32 centres in NSW.

“As an employer I am now a client of MAX. And we’ve just gone through our first recruitment drive which has led to the engagement of around 20 job seekers across our network of 32 centres!”

jobactive providers like MAX Employment work with employers to understand their individual business needs. They also can take care of screening and shortlisting candidates on a business’ behalf and recommend wage subsidies, training programmes or incentives that are available to help source the right people for the job.

“The service MAX offers employers is invaluable! Their willingness to tailor their involvement to suit our requirements, and their commitment to the employees they place for the first 26 weeks of their employment is unrivalled. It’s a very new relationship and now that we’ve ironed out both parties requirements we are very excited for what we know will be a great partnership moving forward.”


After an initial introduction with MAX, Suzanne Blythin felt that jobactive would be beneficial to her family-owned business Primary OSHCare and its recruitment needs.

Established in 2004, Primary OSHCare is a before and after school and vacation care service which offers children, their families and schools across Sydney a unique combination of educational and recreational programmes.

Impressed with the initial meeting Suzanne decided to jump straight in and met again to discuss her organisation’s current staffing needs, which included an HR Manager role which had recently become vacant. Within a day of meeting, Suzanne had already received Simonne’s résumé. The experience and qualifications outlined in her résumé aligned perfectly with what Suzanne had discussed with MAX.

“Simonne’s résumé came through within 24 hours and she was absolutely right for the job,” Suzanne says. “She lived locally, was well qualified and had lots of experience. It was a great fit. We arranged an interview and it went from there.”

Now Suzanne and Simonne work closely with MAX to access a large number of prospective employees who are actively seeking work.

They have found that MAX provided jobactive candidates that were the perfect fit for the roles they are regularly recruiting for at Primary OSHCare, and they are enjoying the benefits of partnering with a jobactive provider.

“Working with MAX has been really good for us. Our staff are required to have safety and certificate checks completed as well, and MAX does all this on our behalf. It saves us a lot of time and money which can be a heavy drain on our resources.”

No matter what industry you are in, jobactive can help you to connect with the right staff for your business.

If you are interested in using jobactive to find staff for your business at no cost to you, get in touch with your local jobactive provider.