Starting your own business is like buying a new car, before you drive away it’s important to do your research and get a second opinion, or four! To help you take the leap of faith and make your business dream a reality, we spoke to business owner and Australian Government Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Tara Diversi who ran us through the four types of people you need in your life to get your business idea off the ground. With Tara’s advice, there will be no stalling when you decide to turn the key in the ignition to start driving your business to success. “And remember job success is not geographical. Today, anyone can build a business no matter where they are.” - Tara Diversi

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Central to starting a successful business is building yourself a crew, or in other words a network. Your network should provide you with a diverse group of people who you feel comfortable to turn to when you need advice.

“The great thing about having a crew is they provide you with a group of people who want to help you. They are the ones who will mentor you through each step, provide you with inspiration to think differently about your ideas, and they will connect you to other entrepreneurs, business owners or prominent members of your local community,” said Tara.

Building a diverse network opens you up to the opportunity to meet new people who have had different life experiences and backgrounds to your own. To start networking in your state, take a look at the local entrepreneurial ecosystem on the SelfStart website.

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Cheerleaders Second on the list is your cheerleaders. Your cheerleaders are effectively your supporters and are the people who will always have your back and encourage you to keep going no matter what. Starting a business can be a hard and lonely road at times, so it’s critical that you have trusted people you can vent to or share your successes with to keep your motivation up. “Cheerleaders don’t need to be mentors. Your cheerleaders can be your friends, partner or family,” said Tara.

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The third fundamental person is your coach. Your coach is your business guru, sage or Yoda. They will help you to work out how to achieve your business goal, narrow down the hundreds of ideas you have or help you break down a barrier that is preventing you from moving forward. Your coach will help you set your business plan, set your goals and map out a way to success.

“Working as an Entrepreneurship Facilitator, one of my key roles is to be a coach. Every person that walks through my door has the potential to start his or her own business or be self-employed. The biggest road block is personal circumstances, whether that be lack of confidence, mental health challenges, housing issues, education or family situations.”

“Once we navigate through the barrier we work together to unlock their potential. The most rewarding moment is when they realise that their personal circumstances are separate to their potential.”

To find an Entrepreneurship Facilitator near you visit the Department of Jobs and Small Business Entrepreneurship Facilitators webpage.



Last but certainly not the least are your critics – that little devil on your shoulder balancing out the cheerleader angel. Critics are your worst and best friend. By having the best critic you will be forced to reassess, rebuild and redevelop. Your critic will be honest with you. They will let you know if your business idea has legs and potential to fill a gap in the market.

Tara compares feedback from critics to the disappointment you feel when you fail to land your dream job.

“Missing out on your dream job is devastating, however it gives you a moment to reassess. You have to take stock and think about why you didn’t get the job; what you wanted to achieve; and how to still achieve what you wanted without the job. The same things apply when your business idea doesn’t get off the ground. Take a moment and think, what did I want to achieve, how can my idea be improved, and do I need to go back to the drawing board?”  

Tara Diversi

Tara Diversi

Since December 2016, Tara Diversi has been working as an Entrepreneurship Facilitator in Cairns, Queensland. She has extensive experience as a facilitator working with young people to overcome their barriers and help them to start their dream businesses. Tara has owned her own business, completed a MBA, two post graduate psychology degrees and has numerous non-tertiary qualifications to complement her practical experience. In 2014, she was awarded Cairns Business Women's inaugural young business woman of the year.

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From January 2019, 20 new Entrepreneurship Facilitators will be on the ground encouraging entrepreneurship and self-employment among mature age Australians at risk of unemployment due to structural changes in the economy. The new facilitators will focus on providing support to mature age people, but anyone wanting to start their own business can access the services.

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