Will you graduate uni this year? Maybe you graduated a few years ago and haven’t landed the career you hoped for? An Australian grad job can get you on the right track.

Australian grad jobs are advertised at different times during the year. But big employers usually start early.

Who is eligible for a grad job?

Let's start by dispelling a myth: you don't have to be a young person to get a grad job. We profiled Heather on our Instragram. She joined the Suncorp grad program as a software engineer in her 50s.

While age doesn't matter, these 3 things do:

  1. Type of qualification. Most programs accept an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. You might need a specific degree for specialised jobs like engineering. Some will take graduate certificates, but this is not as common. Diploma and certificate level qualifications typically don't meet eligibility requirements.
  2. Date of graduation. You can apply for a graduate job in your final year of study. But did you know you can usually apply up to 3 and in some cases 4 years after you graduate?
  3. Academic performance. A credit average is the typical minimum requirement. But don't assume just because you have a GPA of 7 that you'll automatically get in. Your resume, cover letter, personal statement or pitch is really important as well.
Girl sitting in princeples office. The text on the screen reads" But i dont understand I get good grades, is'nt that enough?"

Don't freak out if you don't meet these criteria. Other pathways to a great career include:

What's the process to get a grad job?

Getting a grad job is not as simple as sending off your resume. It's a multi-step process that usually requires you to:

  • Apply online. Submit your resume, cover letter, transcripts and a personal statement. You might also need to give proof of Australian citizenship.
  • Do an online assessment. Test your numeracy, literacy and problem solving skills.
  • Have a video or phone interview.
  • Go to an assessment centre. Come face to face with your competition and do a range of tasks. You could have to do a panel interview, group activities, work-like tasks and a presentation.

The final step before an offer of employment is a reference check. You will probably have to do a drug test too.

Resources to help you find a graduate job

Australian grad jobs are competitive. Research and preparation will set you apart. Get started with these links:

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