Staying positive during your job search can be hard. Whether it has gone longer than you expected or you are sick of rejection – don’t lose hope!

It’s a good idea to make your own plan. How are you personally going to stay motivated and mentally healthy? You could spice things up with a new approach. Have you updated your resume recently? Maybe you could try a new resume template or cover letter?

Most importantly, try not to take rejection personally and talk to people if you need to. Here are some of our tips on staying positive during your job search.  

Goals, strengths and weaknesses

Think about what you want to achieve. What are your strengths and weaknesses? When you figure out your strengths and weaknesses it is easier to figure out the things you can improve on.

Set goals for yourself to work on the things you need to improve. Achieving goals is a great way to stay motivated and positive. But, make sure they’re SMART goals.

SMART goals are

  • Specific
  • Measureable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

They have a clear course of action and timeframes, which means you’re more likely to achieve them.

If you need some goal inspiration, refreshing skills and updating information on your resume are a good start.

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Try a new approach

If you have been searching and applying for jobs for longer than you expected, maybe you should try a different approach to stay positive.

Refresh your resume. Maybe you should try a different structure for your resume or maybe your resume is missing the keyword to unlock a job.

Broaden your networks. Join a club or society, or do some volunteer work, and your networks will get a big boost.

Expand the types of jobs that you apply for. The wider your search, the more jobs you will have to choose from.

Skill up. In employment services you can qualify for additional training and support from around 4 months.

Stay positive in the face of rejection

It is hard to deal with rejection AND stay positive during your job search. But, how you handle setbacks can make the difference between maintaining a positive attitude and losing hope.

Not all employers will give feedback, however you can and should still ask. As a job seeker it is important to learn from rejection. It can be frustrating if you keep getting knocked back from your job applications, especially if you are unsure why. If you ask for constructive feedback this can help you understand why you didn’t get the job.

Finally, make sure not to take rejection personally. The simplest explanation is another candidate was better suited for the job.

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Focus on mental health to stay positive during your job search

It is extremely important that you stay physically and mentally healthy during your job search. Getting a job is a big task and it can be easy to forget about self-care.

Treat yourself by:

  • meeting with friends
  • spending time on a hobby
  • exercising
  • hanging out with your family

It is also important for your health that you make sure you:

  • eat well
  • go to sleep early
  • spend time outside – get that vitamin D and fresh air!

Ask for help if you need it and address your concerns early. It can be hard to express concerns, frustrations and feelings. But, once you do you will feel relieved. Reaching out to family and friends is a great way to get support. If you are unable to reach out to family and friends you can check out these resources to help you stay positive during your job search:


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Author: Lily @ jobactive 

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