Have you ever wondered if your experience has given you skills to work in a different type of job? The NEW Job Switch tool can tell you which jobs you could do based on the skills you already have.  

Not only that, it can tell you how in demand that job is (no point pursuing a career as a Bowling Alley Pinsetter, am I right?).  

December 20, 1909. "Boys working in Arcade Bowling Alley, Trenton, New Jersey. Photo taken late at night. The boys work until midnight and later

Job Switch will tell you how similar the suggested job is to something you have done before.


It will tell you what training may be useful to snag a position and if that wasn’t magic enough for you, Job Switch will show you vacant positions you can apply for. Right. This. Second.

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How does this JEDI* mind trick work you ask?  

More than 590 different jobs were investigated to see the skills needed for each one. The skills were then matched against different jobs to find their similarities. More jobs will be added to the list as ‘the force’ (and our information) becomes stronger.  

Give it a go 

  • Go to jobsearch.gov.au/job-switch 

  • Begin typing a Job Title you have done before and select from one of the jobs we’ve mapped. 

  • Select the state you are interested to work in.  

  • Click Find job switch options. 


*JEDI - Information powered by the Jobs and Education Data Infrastructure project.  


Images: Giphy, Shorpy

Author : Tessa @ jobactive