Tired of flicking through hundreds of résumés that all look the same? If the answer is yes, it may be the perfect time to think like Google, Ikea or even Volkswagen and add creative recruiting to your hiring strategy.

Creative recruiting is all about grabbing your target candidates’ attention through eye catching or unusual recruitment advertising. Some companies even go to the next level and include problem solving challenges, riddles or hide job opportunities on their own products. 

To help you creatively recruit here are some ideas already being used by companies around the world. 

Be flexible and make it fun 

Shaking up your hiring strategy can help make your recruitment process more flexible and even fun. 

Flexible recruitment helps you to tailor your hiring strategy for each position you advertise. It can also open your business up to new networks, provide you with an array of avenues to look for potential candidates or help to showcase your business and its day to day operations in a fun and engaging way. Some flexible and fun ways to creatively recruit include: 

  • Gamification – where you can turn your business into a virtual world that displays how your business works and prospective candidate’s day-to-day duties. Marriott Hotel successfully did this by creating a Facebook game showcasing what it looks like to work at their hotels. 
  • Video – where you can create a visual representation of your business and demonstrate its core values. Apple recruitment videos bring the company’s core values of innovation and simple design to life through employee testimonials.
  • Problem solving puzzles – can help you assess candidate’s skills, their thought processes, creative flair or ability to think up new ideas. Zenefits now has a stream of highly qualified candidates all year round thanks to their HackerRank CodeSprint recruitment activity. 

Additionally, to make your recruitment processes more flexible you can simply remove fixed application submission processes or even include employee referrals in your hiring strategy.  

Find candidates anywhere at anytime

Did you know that 44 per cent of job-seekers claim they spend only one to five minutes reading job descriptions before deciding whether a job would be the right fit for them. 

Moving away from advertising on traditional job boards can not only increase your chances of potential candidates reading your job advertisement but it also means you can find candidates in unexpected places. 

Some unexpected places that you may like to look for potential candidates include:

  • university showcase evenings
  • social media channels
  • technology start-up hubs.  

Additionally, if you are looking to hire a mechanic why not check out a local car show where car enthusiasts display their work. Or if you are looking for retail staff, why not try attending a local market where stall holders are demonstrating customer service and cash handling skills.  

Showcase your organisation’s culture

Creative recruitment can help to show potential candidates your organisation’s culture. 

By recording a recruitment video in your office, you can subtly display your work environment and even introduce your corporate values. Videos or ‘jobcasting’ can also assist you to differentiate your business from others hiring by showcasing real-life examples of employees in action. 

For example Twitter’s Join the Flock recruitment page brings their organisational culture to life through a mix of videos and sharp key messages about what it’s like working at Twitter. Amazon uses a similar approach by taking potential candidates inside Amazon to meet their team through videos posted on their YouTube channel. 

Allow your candidates to show their soft skills and other qualities 

When recruiting creatively your business can also ask candidates to present themselves creatively. This can enable you to learn more about their soft skills and what other qualities they may bring to the job. 

By removing the usual restraints candidates face, video or podcast applications can show you whether they have a positive attitude, good communication and relationship skills, an ability to be creative and enthusiastic. 

In less than five minutes you will also know how these soft skills and qualities can be transferred, integrated or even reinvigorate your business culture, work environment or operations.   

Don’t have time to creatively recruit? 

Creative recruitment can be a great strategy, however not all businesses have the time or the tools to incorporate it into their hiring practices. The good news is there are jobactive providers in over 1700 locations across Australia who can help with recruitment at no cost to you, regardless of the industry you operate in. 

jobactive providers can screen and shortlist job-ready candidates for you, provide you and your new employee with a tailored package of post-placement support and provide you with access to a wage subsidy up to $10,000 if you employ an eligible job seeker.

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