Not everyone wants to be a doctor, lawyer or director of a big company. Some of us have chosen a different career route and get paid to do something a little weirder. 

They’re probably not to everyone’s tastes, but if you’re curious I have pulled together a list of some of the weirdest jobs out there. You never know, one just might be your calling.

Pet Food Tester

Yummo! Sounds like a delicious type of job! The job of a pet food tester is to test new pet products like tin foods, biscuits and bones. They do this to improve the taste, texture and nutrients of the food that we feed to our fur babies. Truth bomb, as a kid I used to taste test my cat’s biscuits for flavour, but I couldn’t imagine doing this job 24/7.

It will surprise you but, the job is a bit more advance than just testing the flavour of new products, they also need to make sure that products appeal to the owners and their pets. 

Images of a french bulldog catching a dog treat

Professional Pusher

If you think Melbourne or Sydney trains are busy in the rush hour, then you should see the trains in Japan. Professional pushers are employed to literally push and cram as many people on to trains. As long as the doors close you’re good to go. 

You don’t need a degree for this job, you just need a knack for stuffing as many people into trains like sardines.

Netflix Viewer

Imagine being paid to watch TV and movies?!. Well, Netflix has hired someone to do just that! Their job is to watch, research, rate, tag and write a description for each TV show and movie.

All you need for the job is to have a good amount of knowledge about TV and movies and be able to write a summary of the things you have watched.

Homer Simpson eating snacks in front of the TV

Odour Judge

To test new products that are meant to make us smell gorgeous, odour judges are hired to smell volunteers’ armpits, other body parts (*scream*) and bad breath.

The job requires a good sense of smell, being able to explain what you’re smelling and being okay to get up close and personal to a stranger’s body parts. Now that’s what I call a stinking job!

men with a peg on this nose trying to block a disgusting odor

Veterinary Acupuncturist

Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine that uses needles to help stimulate different body parts and treat chronic pain, allergies, fertility or other issues (the science is not sound on all these claims, FYI).

A veterinary acupuncturist can work on dogs, cats, horses and smaller animals like birds. The job involves treating different animals by placing needles into a few pressure points on their body. They can be treated for conditions like arthritis, neurologic disorders, paralysis and muscle injuries.

If you want to become veterinary acupuncturist you will need to be a licensed veterinarian and then further your studies in rehabilitation therapies.

a cat getting a massage sitting like a human


The role of flavourist is to use their knowledge of flavour aromas, essential oils and plant extracts to recreate or intensify flavours from nature. They can also create new flavours that people have only dreamed of. 

It sounds like something out of Willy Wonka, but people who do this job are actually chemists. They spend the first five years as an apprentice in addition to their formal schooling, then go on to work in flavour houses. If you want to become a flavourist you will need to complete a degree in chemistry. 

Professional Sleeper

Living the dream….literally! If you’re a professional napper in your spare time then this might be the perfect job for you. Yes, there are jobs where you will be paid to sleep!

A dog sleeping with and eye patch on, holding an alarm clock

The role of a professional sleeper is of course to sleep, but they also help scientists and doctors study the body and the brain’s functions while we sleep. 

Professional sleepers also help different companies by sleeping on mattresses, in hospital or hotel rooms and then giving their feedback about their experience.

These types of jobs aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t make them any less real!

Images: Giphy, iStock

Author: Clarissa @ jobactive