I was in year 10 when I started applying for my first job. My school was doing a performing arts tour to the United States that my friends and I were interested in. But in order to go on this tour I needed to start saving money. I was also looking for a job to enhance my confidence and build on my skills for the future.

I got advice from my friends and parents

Most of my friends at school starting getting jobs and when talking to my parents about saving money for my school’s performing arts tour, they encouraged me to start looking for work.

When talking to my friends about what kind of jobs they applied for most of my friends said they applied for retail and fast food/restaurants. My parents and I thought it would be best to find a local job as this would be easier to get to and from.

So my local shopping centre was a good start for looking for local job opportunities.


The steps I took when applying for my first job

When I started applying for my first job I searched the internet for restaurants and shops at my local shopping centre.

The next step was making a formal resume. When I had my resume completed I went down to the local shopping centre and handed my resume to shops I was interested in working at.

I tried the newsagent, Bakers Delight, the ice cream shop, Woolworths, The Reject Shop and Target.


You win some, you lose some

When I went to Woolworths they told me that they do their applications online. When I went to The Reject Shop and the local ice cream shop they told me that they weren’t looking for employees at the moment.

Then I got a phone call from Target who were looking for part time casual employees and were happy to hire me.

I went in for a short interview, they asked me a few questions and then I went home and waited. They called me a couple of days later and asked if I could come in on Saturday to do some training.

I also heard back from Bakers Delight but I had already accepted the job from target.


New job nerves

When I first found out I had been offered a job I was nervous and excited. I had never been through this experience before!

I did online training for my first couple of shifts. This helped me to get familiarised with the job and how everything works and runs. After the online training was done I started working at the registers. This gave me a feel of what it was like to work in retail and customer service.


My advice if you're applying for your first job

I would suggest you look for a local place to work if possible. This way it is easier to create bonds with your co-workers and customers. Working somewhere local makes it easier to get to and from work by walking if you aren’t able to drive.

I also think it is important to know what kind of job you want before you start applying. You'll be more prepared and ready to start handing in your resume as you will know exactly who you want to hand it to.

When going through the interview process try not to be nervous and go in with an open mind. This makes you stay focused on the interview questions without overthinking. Make sure that you ask the interviewer what kind of tasks you will be doing at your job. This lets you to have an understanding of what your job will be like before you start formal work.

Good luck!



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